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Becky Woodbridge

Becky Woodbridge is a mood manager focusing on synergy in the workplace through effective communication. Becky has a unique viewpoint from the stage as well as behind the scenes as an Event Producer. Formerly the Curator of TEDx Delray Beach, TEDx Boca Raton and Contagious Optimism LIVE.

Drawing upon a background as the former president and founder of a highly rated real estate company, and a 30-year career as a major airline Flight Attendant, two distinctly different work environments, Becky engages the audience in learning and experiencing a shift in their way of “being “so they implement change right from the start. Driving a strong message about morale and mood management Becky’s audience leaves the conference ready to “Take off and Take control.”

♦Pavel Mischenko | Leadership Expert and Author

Being a speaker at the TEDxBocaRaton on February 19, 2016 gave me the opportunity to work closely with Becky who was the Curator and Producer of that event. I was very impressed by the way she organized and orchestrated the whole process. Becky managed to turn this local independent TEDx Talk into an awe-inspiring community event with more than two thousand in attendance and an impressive list of sponsors. I was amazed how an event of such scale with so many unpredictable factors were handled by Becky with great professionalism, personal warmth, and passion.  On a personal note – she generously provided me, as a first time TEDx speaker, (as well as others) with much needed mentoring and support.

“Thank you, Becky, for an experience of a lifetime!”


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Two and a half years ago, Becky Woodbridge received a link to Brené Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability.” It was the first TED talk she had ever seen.